About the Celebration

We will have a lot going on next year and units and organizations across campus will incorporate the 150th anniversary into their planning for the year. We encourage you to align plans with one or all of the themes described below. The themes are designed to speak to the past, present and future of SIU. Included are examples of the kinds of stories that might illustrate the themes and the kinds of ways those stories might be told. These are just examples: all creative ideas are welcome!


SIU has a proud history that demonstrates its determination and resilience. Events that incorporate this theme will focus on that history and the notable events and people that played a part in making our university great.

  • Stories: Notable firsts, famous alumni, history of inclusive excellence.
  • Activities: Exhibits, homecoming events, multicultural history month events.

Saluki PRIDE

Today, SIU is a proud, strong university dedicated to experiential education, innovation, and engagement with our local and global communities. Events that incorporate this theme will focus on the amazing strengths of our university and its connection with the surrounding community.

  • Stories: Leading programs and groundbreaking research, outstanding faculty and students, community/alumni/faculty/staff/student engagement
  • Activities: Alumni lecture series, social media campaign, community events.


SIU looks forward to a promising future that will build on its traditions, mission and strengths. Events that incorporate this theme will focus on the great things still to come for SIU.

  • Stories: Future directions/vision, new programs, the next generation of Saluki students.
  • Activities: Panel discussions, fundraising initiatives, creative projects.